In seventies, the dusty and untidy industrial floor of the country was a place of contempt and neglect, a place where everything was dumped, till Vintque concrete from cans, which metamorphosed those dark and gloomy areas into areas of brightness and reflectance. Four decades ago, Vintque had that great vision to pioneer the art of floor toppings in India and since then, Vintque become the trendsetters, setting new standards in floor care with the towering status of Numero Uno in the country.

Vintque concrete assists you in choosing the right floor coating system from the unmatched range of floorings based on a myraid of technologies like epoxy, epu, polyurethane, pu-concrete and MU to handle the physical and chemical abuses your floors undergo every day.

Vintque concrete give you options to choose the right system from an unlimited range of polymers.

  • Tough Epoxy
  • Resilient EPU
  •  Wear resistant aromatic PU
  • UV resistant aliphatic PU
  • Thermal shock resistant PU-Concrete
  • Hard wearing 1k MCU
  • Rapid curing paralytics
  • Waterborne epoxy and PUD
Densi Color Polish
Epoxy Floor Coating
High Strength Epoxy Terrazzo